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Day 4: Taking time out to chill

It was my day off!

Just to give you some context... My official working hours: 10am-6pm. My actual working hours Mon-Wed: 10am-11pm, 9am-10pm, 8am-11pm (minus five hours of socialising, plus travel). So, weekly day off to restore the balance. :)

I got up at 8.30am, made myself a cup of tea (blackcurrant, vanilla & ginseng) and put some clothes in the washing machine. In tidying / looking for stuff this week I've found lots of clothes I hadn't gotten round to unpacking since I moved in a year ago... So that takes care of my worries about perhaps not having suitable clothes for a corporate environment; I do. (My last job was for a fashion company where you could wear what you want, which was awesome).

Oh, and I helped myself to realise it's my day off by wearing tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt. It really worked: Amazing how much a change of style makes.

I couldn't help myself and ended up looking up stuff about tax for self-employed people, as well as keeping proper records. (I have another day off today, by accident, and I'll be away from my computer, so I'll refrain from research for a good chunk of today!)

Useful links about tax & related information


  • Do things differently to distinguish days off: Change of style, change of location, change of food... Whatever works for you. Experiment!
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For a day off ... stay away from the computer all day!