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Excited Terror ([personal profile] inspirewithhope) wrote2009-05-18 05:52 pm
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The first day of the rest of my freelancing life

Just over a month ago I handed in my notice.

Last Friday was my last day of full-time, permanent employment.

Today is my first day of self-employment.

A few people have expressed their concern, but most people have been incredibly supportive of my decision. Those who know me know that I was getting increasingly dissatisfied with work; it was time to do something about that. I feel really lucky that people have offered advice, sent me links and congratulated on this crazy and courageous step; a step that is perfect for me right now.

I'm planning to write about my journey here, every day for about a month or so (at least for a week, we'll see what happens after that!) At the end of that period, I'm planning to write something more considered & reflective that covers it all at Inspire With Hope.

I'm writing the first entry now, so it'll be here shortly.

Hope you find it interesting accompanying me on my journey; do feel free to comment, feedback very welcome & much appreciated.

Excited + terrified: I'm exchanging certain unhappiness for uncertain happiness. Sounds like a decent exchange to me!