May. 20th, 2009

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I had an interview today.

I won't go into detail of course, but I will say that it was with an international corporation in a distinctively impressive and absolutely massive building. It was really quite breathtaking. Lovely, down-to-earth people who made it a really stress-less experience - more like a chat than a grilling (which is how interviews should be; best way of finding out about what someone's really like in my opinion).

Exciting stuff!

Oh, and another thing, I seem to have got to the point where I can just talk about what I'm doing professionally without feeling like I'm doing some kind of networking spiel. Which is a great feeling: Talking about work stuff in a way that interests people and encourages them to interact with me about it. Brilliant!

Stuff to remember

  • Interviews aren't scary (even if they seem that way); they're just about talking & listening to people and I like doing that.


  • Earlier I tweeted, "I made the right decision; see, I thought, "Tomorrow's my day off... BOO!"" Note to self: Take your day off K! Answer calls from agencies & follow up on the ones that you missed today, but that's it! (I'm not sure I can stick to this one; I really want to work on my website... Hmm, if I want to do it, it counts as play, right?!)


  • I find it hard to think of alternative options. Solution: Talk to people. Talk to friends & lovers. Talk to other freelancers & entrepreneurs. Attend networking events. Join forums. Blog. Comment on blogs. Tweet.


inspirewithhope: Photo of K smiling lots (Default)
Excited Terror

What's it about?

Entrepreneurial Kathleen is where I write loads & loads about my experiences with freelancing.

I left my full-time, permanent job to pursue my dreams of freelance web design & entrepreneurship. Here's where you can find out how I'm getting on. Please do comment and/or email; I love feedback.

I'll be writing a (shorter!) monthly digest at Inspire With Hope.

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